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We can help you provide customized options to TechBlocker users.

Adblock "walls" were yesterday's solution. Today we're building sustainable solutions that allow publishers to offer specific options to adblock users.

We can help you work with TechBlocker users to find a middle ground.

A middle ground.
A sustainable solution:

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Ordinary Ad Blockers

Blocks ads
Blocks tracking requests
Works with publishers
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Blocks video ads
Blocks ads on social media
Protection from malicious ads
Intelligent anti-adblock bypass
Identifies ad reinsertion scripts
Smart whitelisting
Awesome support
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This is ad blocking done right

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for users and publishers

TechBlocker wasn't built like other ad blockers. TechBlocker was built for a sustainable web.

Contact us and let us show you how we can work together to offer options to adblock users, and build publishing profits.