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Techblocker is strongly committed to protect your privacy and provide a safe online experience for all of our users and registered customers while offering the highest quality products and services to them. We may gather certain types of information about and from you to fulfill your request and serve your needs better, we feel you should fully understand the terms and conditions covering the collection and use of this information. This privacy statement discloses what information we may gather, how we may use it and how to correct or change it.

Please read the Privacy Policy completely, as well as our Terms and Conditions for use of information we may gather. Should you have any questions in this regard, feel free to contact us.

What Information we may collect about you?

You can visit our website, read product descriptions and other materials, and check on offerings without giving us any personally identifiable information. Since we provide our customers and newsletter subscribers with the most efficient and enhanced personalized service, we may request information about you under occasional circumstances. For your convenience and to serve you better, a customer account includes all the collected personal information we may have; however, you can update or correct your contact information or change your preferences about receiving newsletter and other information from us.

We collect personally identifiable information; such as name, mailing address and e-mail address when you register one of our products or place an order (see the section below for more information on placing orders). Website visitors may register to receive our newsletter by submitting their name and e-mail address.

Placing Orders

If you wish to place an order for our products, you can generally enter the requisite details. In addition to the customary information that may be required to fill your order (full name, address, phone number, ship-to name and address etc.), collection of additional information such as your credit card number and credit card expiration date, is dependent on option of payment as we offer online and offline subscribers additional options such as check, money order and credit card order by fax or phone.

Use of Programs

In connection with the installation and use of Techblocker applications we may collect certain information concerning the use of application or the services, including certain personal data and information about your PC. This may include, information about your installed software and hardware, your IP address, your operating system, about your version of installed Techblocker application including its product key, and about the use of individual functions of that Techblocker application including the relevant times. Some applications are dependent on use of Web Services for their functioning and they do send such relevant data with each use.

Purpose of Data Collection

Applications and Services can use the aforementioned information to send product recommendations, product updates and important customer service notifications directly to your computer. Furthermore, the data is used for the purposes of product and market analysis which enables us to improve individual products and the range of products and services.

Sharing of Data with Third Party

The aforementioned data may be shared with third party vendors and partners and it will be governed by their privacy policy, which will be provided to you when you accept any offer by them. Consent for the Collection, Storage, Use and Distribution of the Data You hereby agree to the collection and use of the such information or data by Techblocker.

What we may do with the information we collect?

We use information you provide to fulfill your request and improve our products and services. We may use personal information to display or send personalized content to our website visitors as well as to send newsletter, product features, promotional material, special offers and other updates to our customers and newsletter subscribers. A subscriber may, at any time, opt out of receiving such information. We also use collected information to evaluate and administer our products and services, resolve customers' issues like respond to any problems that may arise such as product delivery failures, difficulties in navigating our sites or accessing certain features as well as to gauge user trends to determine what products are most popular with users.

We allow users of our website to email us their queries. We do not retain any email address (unless you are a member who already has voluntarily provided your email address) of either the sender or recipient of such e-mail or links after they are sent.

How do we share Personal Information?

We will never share or sell your email address, or any other information collected, to any third parties.

Credit Card Companies:

As in any transaction, your credit card company will have all relevant information about the name of the affiliate, products purchased, date and total cost. Techblocker will not otherwise provide any personal data to your credit card company.

Tech Blocker extension General notes

The general privacy policy of Techblocker is to evade procuring more data than is required for the extensions and the Techblocker website to function correctly. The data gathered is anonymized, if possible, and erased when it is not required any more. It is never shared with any third party. This following policy gives the details of data that is collected from extension and the subsequent processing applied to it.

Periodical Extension checks

The user's browser periodically checks for updates on all extensions including Techblocker. During this routine update information such as browser version, extension version, operating system and the user's IP address, are transmitted. Techblocker nightly build updates, as well as updates for Techblocker for Firefox. All such updates are handled by the Techblocker Website and the data submitted is subject to its privacy policy. Updates to stable Techblocker for Firefox releases are handled by the Addons.Mozilla.Org website and are subject to the Firefox Privacy Policy.

Subscription downloads

If the user adds filter subscriptions to the Techblocker installation, he/she will be requested to regularly retrieve updates for the subscription. All such updates will lead to the hosting website receiving the user's IP address as well certain other relevant information such Techblocker version, browser name and version. All such information/data is the prerogative of the website concerned.

In addition, if the subscription download fails on multiple occasions respectively, the updated address of the filter list will be requested from the Techblocker website domain. During updates, transmitted data would include the Techblocker version in use, subscription address and any information about the error encountered. This data helps to identify issues that have not been reported by subscription maintainers and is subject to the usual Techblocker website privacy policy.

Issue reporter

Techblocker lets the user send issue reports which will be temporarily stored on the domain. Issue reports contain information required to solve issues including the browser version, address of the web page where the problem is visible, items which can be blocked on any particular web page, matching filters and active subscriptions.

For further information in Issue reporter, please visit Privacy Policy.


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